Thursday, 9 January 2014

As a programmer, understand your data

I started computer programming many years ago, and have used among others, Algol, Cobol, Basic, machine language (more than one type), and more recently, PHP for website programming.

Logic counts in programming, of course, and syntax is crucial, but I think understanding your data is the most important thing.

If you understand how your data looks, then (as long as you're a competent programmer) you can probably program almost anything. If you have the good fortune to be able to define your own data then you can make life easier for yourself. The relational database that goes with PHP is MySQL and I have found it as flexible as I need for programming in PHP.

The fact that PHP and MySQL are both open source and therefore free is a great boost for website programmers like myself.

Of course, I still find challenges (after 30+ years) in programming and I still find it rewarding to get successful results from my programming efforts.

Long may that continue.

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