Thursday, 30 June 2011

News Corp sells MySpace

MySpace has been sold to online advertising firm Specific Media by its erstwhile owners News Corporation. The social media website was bought by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp for £361m in 2005, but in the last couple of years it has been left high and dry as users spent more time on Facebook and Twitter.

Specific Media say that Justin Timberlake will play a major role in assisting with the strategy and creative direction of the site.

When News Corp bought MySpace it was one of the leaders in social networking, but it could not sustain its position in the face of the leaps forward made by Facebook.

Specific Media will have to come up with a new niche for MySpace as it appears that it cannot compete in the same arena as Facebook. MySpace’s original thrust was in the music area and trying to push it as a competitor to Facebook as singularly failed, and its main use is now confusing. It needs a new definition.

Between 2005 and 2011 MySpace’s monthly US visitors have risen from 21.8 million to 24.9 million, but in the same period, Facebook’s monthly US visitors have rocketed from 8.3 million to 157.2 million.

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Artists use vacant shops for mutual benefit

I read that empty shops are being used by artists and film-makers, see

The article refers to an artist's exhibition in Leeds, but it is happening in Newcastle and elsewhere too. The recession left many high street stores empty, boarded or pasted up, and art exhibitions certainly make them look brighter. One office block is even being used temporarily for a film set.

The key point for landlords is that they pay full business rates on properties that have been empty for more than three months, but if they let them to charities, they get 80% off. Many art exhibitions qualify as charities.

Arts Council England helps to fund the rent from the artists' side.

"The premises are being used for public benefit, we're brightening up areas that are standing empty and helping to change the image, and we get the resource that we can give artists to use," said Ken Stratford, operations manager at Leeds-based East Street Arts.

Looks like good business all round to me.

Friday, 17 June 2011

Water Heater installation

Offering installations on a complete range of gas furnaces, Friesen’s is a leading heating and furnace Installation Company. Based in Alberta, the company serves Calgary and Edmonton, particularly looking for homeowners looking for value for money in their home heating costs.

The company’s single stage hi-efficient installed furnace operates at up to 97% Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE). This can reduce home heating gas consumption by up to 40%.

Getting the best water heater installation is a prime target in these days of environmental targets and money difficulties.

Friesen’s has been in the gas-fired furnace business since 1999, and it can diagnose and repair all makes and models. Friesen’s also has a ‘fixed right or it’s free’ policy, to give you peace of mind.

Water heater installation is understood by Friesen’s who promise a same-day installation service for orders before noon.

No wonder Friesen’s was named “Service Provider of the Year”.

Wine club

Membership of the Hemispheres Wine Club enables you to receive bottles of top quality wine made by the best wine makers. With an expert who tastes each wine be visiting each winery, the club offers an exciting array of wines from around the world.

All membership levels at the wine club give you access to excellent wines and you will come to appreciate the detail of every bottle you receive.

The Hemisphere Wine Guild is a co-operative which aims to supply unique and less obvious wine of the highest quality at competitive prices. Membership is by subscription.

Members of the wine club in Canada will receive wines and education about wines in a country where importing wine has its own special difficulties. That is where the wine club gains its advantage, by opening the world of wine to its members.

Inventory control software

Kornyk Computer Solutions International (KCSI) has as its purpose the delivery of cost effective, quality and scalable solutions to help its clients produce excellent business results with its inventory control software. Founded in 1997, the company now has thousands of clients around the world in industries as wide and varied as the military, schools, hospitals and factories.

KCSI has its headquarters in British Columbia, but its professional IT services reach out across the globe, with software development, website services, search engine optimisation and advertising campaigns. KCSI likes to build strategic partnerships over the long term with its partners.

By analysing the business processes of its customers KCSI can tailor its products and services to suit, including its inventory control software.

Results are guaranteed with KCSI’s full-range of solutions for accounting, sales, time management, web, e-commerce and interactive services.

Cheap flights has the aim of providing cheap flights with the best value service.

The company’s user-friendly website enables travellers to book flights are the lowest possible rate, but travel experts are also on-hand to help.

By using there is no need to shop around for cheap flights because the flights and vacation packages are the best available from Canada’s best-known tour operators and vacation wholesalers. As well as cheap flights, cruises with major and niche-market cruise companies are also available.

The company has a proud vacation tradition, dating back to 2001, and there are specialists available to help you get the best-value vacation, and to help you with travel tips and information.

Holidays available come from – among others – Signature Vacations, Transat Holidays, Air Canada Vacations, Sunwing Vacations, Sunquest Vacations and Westjet Vacations.

If you want excellent service, knowledgeable experts and cheap flights then is the place to go.

Basketball training

Basketball training is critical for players to play intelligent basketball and PGC Basketball provides just the training needed for high school, college and professional players.

Student-athletes are taught to train with purpose, to be coaches on court, and leaders in games, practices, out of season, and in everyday life. Beyond being an average basketball camp, PGC camps are like universities, with basketball at the core.

Prep School for junior high and freshman high school varsity basketball players is an ideal introduction to PGC for younger students, putting them on the right path to becoming successful high school varsity players.

PGC is a must for players and coaches who want to push their game to a higher level.

Prep School summer basketball training camps is about basketball – and much more, instilling character and leadership qualities into students. It’s an experience not to be missed by would-be basketball players.

Eco friendly printing

Increasingly businesses are looking for environmentally friendly products and eco friendly printing is a move in the right direction.

Metropolitan Fine Printers has been recognised as having the most progressive print project for the environment for three years. The company is proud that its print is almost completely greenhouse gas-free. It has also obtained Forest Stewardship Council and is a 100% Carbon-Free Plant.

The policy at Metropolitan is to address environmental issues and the firm takes its responsibility very seriously. Eco friendly printing doesn’t come easily and extensive research has led to Carbon Neutrality with Pacific Carbon Trust.

Presses are cleaned with recycled material which then ends up being used as alternative fuel. Sister company EIS has managed to increase the life of printing blankets by 400%.

Metropolitan chooses its partners carefully to ensure they are also environmentally friendly. For example, MET ENVIRO UV Inks uses enviro-liquids and recycled paper stock.

People at Metropolitan operate strict procedures to protect the environment from risk. Reduction, re-use and recycling are not just words at Metropolitan.

Mining company in Canada

A mining company in Canada is running the Taysan Project in the Philippines, exploring for advanced copper-gold porphyry deposits.

Located on the island of Luzon, 100km south of Manila, in the Batangas Province, the project also comprises the Antipolo Epithermal Gold Mine.

Modern exploration began in this area in 1968, with most of the work concentrating on resources definition drilling and assessment of the deposits to be found. Such work has found various concentrations of gold and copper in the 11,254 hectare area, and feasibility studies have been undertaken by HBP Engineering and Pincock Allen & Holt. High grade copper concentrate with gold, silver and magnetite are products expected to be mind at the Project.

The mining company in Canada, based in Vancouver, hopes that the mine will have a working life span of 25 years with a payback in three years.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Improving unemployment figures mask other truths

UK unemployment fell by 88,000 in the period February to April to 2.43 million.

On the face of it this appears to be good news, especially as it was the biggest drop since summer 2000.

However, it masks another truth: that the number of claimants of Jobseeker’s Allowance was up by 19,600 to 1.49 million. Not all good news, then.

The official unemployment figure is – interestingly – based only on a survey, and has been diverging from the jobseeker number for a number of months.

Unsurprisingly earnings growth slowed down during the same three month period, with earnings rising by only an annual rate 2%. At a time when the latest inflation figure was 4.5% (May), this emphasis the hard times Brits are going through right now.

Whether mass strikes by 750,000 public sector workers potentially coming up will help this situation is debatable (and the reasons are not for earnings or job losses), but it is easy to see why frustrations are rising.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Ideal opportunities are few and far between

Occasionally an opportunity comes along that looks ideal.

I have just seen an opportunity for a "sports content writer", and the requirement was for writing on sports, and especially on UK football (soccer) [so, just football, then]. Excellent, right up my street.

They wanted so much writing that it would apparently have filled 40 hours a week. Wow, that's a lot of writing.

However, the pay was poor, very poor: only £5-£6 an hour.
I'm not sure who they would expect to write articles for that money; and I'm not sure what quality of writing they would expect.

Such a pity. Another apparently ideal opportunity gone with the wind!

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

FIFA cabal reflects business management

FIFA is reflective of many businesses in the way it runs itself.

I'm not saying that FIFA is corrupt in this blog, but having just watched a part of the FIFA Congress on live video streaming, it does strike me that most of the delegates are not interested in even finding out if FIFA IS corrupt. They just want to all vote themselves back in and crack on with their cozy cabal.

Similar occurrences happen in business. We have all seen fellow workers be promoted to managerial level and suddenly change their long-held views. Where previously they agree with the stance of the general staff, now they agree with what they'd disagreed with for so long!

Are they in the proectorate all of a sudden?
Now, if they rattle the cage, they'll be swiftly pushed out. Fall in line, or find another one.

It happens in business and it happens in FIFA. They all seem to be protecting their own positions rather than seeking the truth.