Friday, 14 February 2014

Businesses suffer in the floods

Business is not much of a game when you have to deal with emergencies like this year's floods are causing.

Thankfully, I have not had to deal with anything to do with the floods but obviously many businesses will be affected. Currently, therefore, they are no doubt having to deal with flooding and its effects rather than with their real business that actually earns them some money.

So it's a double-whammy of reduced income and increased expenditure to deal with the floods.

On the BBC, David Woodcock, in Berkshire, texted:"I run an office in Theale right by the canal. We got a knock on the door from a local police officer at 15:00 yesterday saying they were evacuating the business park as rapidly rising flood waters may mean we would be stranded overnight. I thought this was excellent work from the local authorities. With around 400 people working on the business park this was a great call. Not great for business but our company are lucky as we are all able to work from home but others aren't as fortunate."

A reaction that most would describe as "typically British", I think.

I hope his business, and all others survive this ordeal - and , of course, all the people concerned too.