Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Rioting idiots think nothing of their own futures

The appalling, sickening and disgusting rioting that has taken place over recent nights in English cities demonstrates mindless stupidity.

The idiots may think they're having fun, looting - stealing - and thumbing their noses at society, but, frankly, they're just making things worse. "The cuts" probably don't mean anything to yobs like this - they won't understand anything about national debt and things of that nature. But they might - just - understand what a job is, though many of them may not have one.

Some day these little hooligans might want a job, and where will they go? To the local shops, to see if they can get a start as a check-out person or a store helper of some description. Oh, but guess what? That store isn't there any more - they torched it "some time ago".

It is the businesses that they are ruining with their idiotic behaviour that are the backbone of this country, but what would these people know about that?

It's behaviour lacking in all thought. It is indefensible.

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Low interest rate encourages us to borrow

The Bank of England left the base rate at 0.5% once again. It has been at that "record low" level since March 2009 - that length of time at one interest rate may be a record in itself!

Most economists do not expect the rate to be changed this year, but many do expect there to be a rise in 2012 - to 1.5% by the end of the year. Pure speculation, I'd say. I don't believe any so-called experts foresaw the economic crash of 2008-9, nor expected the interest rate to tumble to 0.5% when it did. Few of them know what surprises are around the next corner.

For people with mortgages, the continuing low rate should continue to be good news, but for savers the low interest rate means that their savings are dwindling in value - especially with inflation at around 4%.

We are encouraged to save - at least in words - by politicians, but the hard monetary facts enourage us to do otherwise. It is still better to borrow than to save.

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Speculative emails can work

Anyone who runs their own business will inevitably use email and have a website. This will equally inevitably lead to insolicited emails arriving in their in-box from time to time.

Most are spam, but some are genuine enquiries with a view to mutually beneficial ways of working.

I receive loads and most are spam. If they are written to "website owner" or "[blank]" or "to whom it may concern" or similar, then I ignore them straight away. If, however, they are written to "Garry" or "Pierrepont Consulting" (especially the former), then I might give them the benefit of the doubt and read them. After all, at least they have bothered to read the website (even it is by their software!). I also like them to have something that looks like a real name at the bottom - not just a website address - and like them to be based in the UK.

If I do write and send a reply, then the second test is whether they reply to that quickly and personally. (i.e. are they real? do they exists?)

If that happens then a discussion may take place. I have actually met up with people who sent speculative emails on three occasions, and two of them led to working with each other.

I have another meeting on a similar basis this afternoon (in fact he's just called to change the time!). I'll let you know how I get on.