Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Manitoba carpenters

Carpenters are at the heart of most construction work. Wood is fundamental to the construction of houses and most buildings, as well as the cabinets, doors and other furniture inside.

There are basically two fundamental types of carpentry work: rough carpentry and finish carpentry. The former is for outdoor work with projects using unfinished wood, such as house frames, scaffolding and other forms. The latter is for doors, windows, interior moulding, cabinets, floors and the like.

Manitoba carpenters provide all this kind of work, and they also provide carpentry in the film and theatre industry, as well as the less obvious area of wharves and docks.

While many pieces are built at base and shipped to the construction site, other work has to be carried out onsite.

Cabinetmakers work on custom designed cabinets, shelves, counters and other fittings for stores, restaurants and the home.

From small workshops to large construction sites, the influence of carpenters is everywhere.