Thursday, 21 November 2013

If it sells none at all, tell the BBC!

The BBC has published an article on its website on 20 November 2013 headed “ ‘Dullest’calendar – of telephone boxes of Wales – fails to sell”.

The article tells us how the calendar has struggled to sell a single copy, even being branded by its publisher Kevin Beresford as “naff, nerdy and boring”!

He was hoping to build on his success of 2012: Roundabouts of Great Britain, which was a surprising success.

This could turn out to be an amazing example of “no publicity is bad publicity” as sales will probably soar into their tens in the coming days, out of curiosity.

If it was Mr Beresford who contacted the BBC about his nil-sales calendar, then I commend him for bringing it to the BBC’s – now the nation’s – attention.

An example of marketing for us all.

On the other hand, it still might not sell any copies!

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