Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Selfish business owners reap the wrong rewards

There is nothing quite so irritating in running your own business as non- or late payers.

Just before Christmas I was asked to do a small piece of work by a company in Wales. It was urgent, the boss said, so I did it in good faith, and sent it back to him in a timely fashion.

The charge would only be around £15, but since sending it off to him, I have heard nothing: no acknowledgement, no responses. I have tried to ring, and once got through to a woman who said she'd get him to ring back, but he never did. I have emailed him, I have sent him the invoice.


I will keep trying, but nothing so far.

OK, it may only cost me £15, plus the time taken for the work (not long) and the time taken chasing up (probably longer), but the actions of this selfish business manager will mean that I will have to be tougher in future.

I'll have to ask for a deposit, for example, for pieces of work - however small - causing inconvenience to everyone involved.

Is he really delighted to have saved just fifteen pounds? It's quite pathetic really. If he doesn't pay the invoice or respond to further communication in the next month, I'll name and shame him and his company on this blog.

Selfish non-action has wide consequences.

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